I m painting light and color, emotion and vibration. I want to catch magic moments of our life.
I’m interested in philosophy, numerology, symbolism, life-philosophy, religion and culture.
I seek for the best form mine background. Slovakia give to me emotions and knowledge, England free mine mind, Israel give me light and strength and in the Czech I found love, passion and family
My creation is direct at natural and human forms. I create with love.

In year 1997 I finished study on department of design Technical University in Kosice /Slovakia/.
Six years of study was oriented on product and graphic design, visual communication with excellent
teachers as: J. Hascak, Jenik, A. Szentpetery.
In year 1999 I migrate to Israel. I live there for several years with mine family. In the end of year 2005 I come back to Europe. At the present time I live in Prague – Czech Republic.

My works are in private and public collections in Japan, Lebanon, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, Mexico, USA, India, England, Canada, Italy, Holland and Slovakia.


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